Wat Traimit: World’s biggest golden Buddha

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Wat Traimit: Guinness record of world’s biggest solid gold Buddha

Unlike most temples in Chinatown which are Chinese, Wat Traimit is built in Thai architecture. The temple is believed to be founded by three Chinese colleagues as its name implies, Wat Traimit (temple of 3 friends.) Even its nickname also shows friendship, Wat Sam Jeen (temple of the 3 Chinese.) Wat Traimit houses an ancient golden Buddha statue, Phra Sukhothai Traimit, believed to be from Sukhothai province (1238-1438.) In 1955, a big discovery came by accident while relocating the Buddha statue when 5.5 tons of solid gold was found hidden inside. Today, Phra Sukhothai Traimit is the world’s biggest golden Buddha according to Guinness.

Admission: Free
Hours: 8:00-17:00, daily

Rating 3/5

-The world’s biggest solid gold Buddha in Wat Traimit is possibly the oldest of its kind. Since it is 600+ years old, it definitely was not made for Guinness record. (I don’t think Guinness was founded yet at that time.) Thailand does not hold many Guinness records on valuables so this is your chance to witness the true record holder.
-Also, your chance to see a Buddhist temple in uniquely modern architecture like no others.

-Getting to Wat Traimit requires a sense of direction. If you’re lost, you may have a long trip back. Apart from the Buddha, there is no more to see at the temple.
-Also, some photographers may be upset if expecting to see a colorful temple here. Its constructed in modern architecture and lack glittering craftsmanship.

Wat Traimit is ideal for
-Visitors of the world’s biggest solid gold Buddha 5/5
-Photographers 3/5

Wat Traimit’s  newly constructed modern style temple housing the Guinness record of the world’s biggest golden Buddha. wat-traimit
The world’s biggest solid gold Buddha when housed in the former temple. wat-traimit

Getting to Wat Traimit
Hua Lamphong MRT subway station: Exit 1
Hint: Don’t miss “Thanon Mitraparp Thai-China” road.