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Wat Arun: “The Temple of Dawn”-handmade of china

If you make a visit to Wat Phra Kaew or Wat Po, you should not miss out Wat Arun, on the opposite bank of Chao Phraya river. Wat Arun has an architecture like no other temples, it’s handmade of china.

Built during Ayuthaya as the capital (1350-1767.) The temple was renovated by King Taksin The Great, King Rama II and IV, and was named Wat Makok, Wat Jaeng, and Wat Arun Rachawararam, respectively. Aside its china architecture, it is the only attraction on Thonburi side of Bangkok. Thonburi, divided by Chao Phraya river, was a former capital until merged with Bangkok in 1972. This temple is respected by Thais as one of the 9 temples for the Buddha worshipping. Every new year, Thais would begin a good year by worshipping 9 Buddha statues in 9 temples. Why nine? It’s an auspicious number based on the indirect Thai meaning of “advance or forward.” And every new year, Wat Arun is always mobbed by Thai worshippers.

To complete your temple trip in Bangkok, don’t forget to make a visit to Wat Arun, the “Temple of Dawn.”

Hours: 07:30-17:00, daily

Rating 4.5/5

Of all the temples in Bangkok, Wat Arun stands out of the rest. It does not look like others because it is entirely handmade of tiny pieces of china. It’s the only temple you can climb to the top and see a panoramic view of Bangkok. There are no other temples where you can have fun like Wat Arun.

You cannot go to Wat Arun by foot if you’re on Bangkok side. The temple is in Thonburi, divided from Bangkok by Chao Phraya River. That said, you have to get a ferry to temple and so forth on your return trip. Still, worth a visit.

Wat Arun is ideal for
-Travelers to Bangkok 4.5/5
-Photographers 5/5

Wat Arun is official named as Wat Arun Rajawararam Rajaworamahawiharn.  A long name that even some Thais could not repeat.


Wat Arun, daytime

Wat Arun is forever beauty.  You have to see it nearby during the day and afar during the night.


Wat Arun, night time

Getting to Wat Arun
- By the tourist boat: Wat Arun pier