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Tuk Tuks
Tuk Tuk ThaiAnother type of Bangkok transportation is an open-air motor tricycle known by its engine noise as a Tuk Tuk.  Tuk Tuks have been in Thailand for many generations and recognized as a Thai pop culture.  Also, a must for many tourists in their Thailand trip.  Tuk Tuks are also officially used by the Thai government in short distance travels for world leaders in meetings.  I do not encourage using them for travel but rather encourage you to try a ride for an experience, do prepare your guts!

Taking a Tuk Tuk
1. Hire any that you see, they’re not that difference.  All sound “Tuk Tuk” anyway.
1. They have no meter and you MUST bargain before using the service.
2. Tuk Tuks mainly run within short distance, 10 to 30 minutes ride.
3. Make sure they have a curtain wrapped along the roof (just in case of rain.)
4. Be prepare for air and noise pollution during traffic jam.
5. If the Tuk Tuk driver suggest you to any shopping or eating places, they’re likely paid for by these businesses.

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