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Getting to/from Bangkok Airport

Suvarnabhumi (Su-wan-na-poom) is the world’s third largest airport so whether you’re an arrival or departure passenger, the easiest way to know where you are is to find out which level (floor) you’re on.  Once you know your floor, you know where to go (because the airport is categorized clearly by floors.)  Here’s a general guideline:

Level 4: Domestic / International departures
Level 3: Meeting point / Restaurants (Quite pricey)
Level 2: Domestic / International Arrivals
Level 1: Public taxis
Level B1(Basement): Airport Rail Link trains

Say, if you know you’re on Level 2 and want to take the train to Bangkok, then go to Level B1 (or Level 3 if you’re hungry.)  That’s it.

Note: I’ve experience at times that the moving walkway and escalators between Level B1 and 1 are permitted at certain times for authorized people carrying the official pass.  If you came across this, better take the elevator instead.

Finding your transportation
Look for these signs around the airport:

“To City” (Bangkok) bangkok-airport-transport-sign Public taxis:
Level 1
At which levels (floors) are transportation (taxis, limousines, trains, etc.) provided. bangkok-airport-transportation Airport Rail Link:
Level B1

Airport Rail Link trains

Service hours: 6:00-24:00
Fare: Express link 90 Baht /trip or 150 Baht round-trip/2 weeks, City link 15 to 45 Baht/trip

This is the fastest and most efficient means of transportation where you can easily transfer to the interconnected subway or skytrain stations which takes you to the heart of Bangkok.  The non-stop Express Link line is faster, less crowded,  and equipped with a luggage storage.  The City Link line, in contrary, stops all 8 stations, has no luggage storage, and can be crowded in the morning and evening rush hours.  Do note that these trains do not run every few minutes.  I sometimes have to wait for 15+ minutes to board them.  Still, they’re the fastest compared to other means of transportation.

Trains / Travel time Terminal station / Route
Express link
(Red trains)15 minutes

Makkasan station

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Makkasan (Bangkok City Terminal)

To transfer to Bangkok at Makkasan station, take Petchaburi subway station (MRT).

City link
(Blue trains)30 minutes

Phyathai station

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Lat Krabang – Ban Thap Chang – Hua Mak – Ramkhamhaeng – Makkasan (Bangkok City Terminal) – Ratchaprarop – Phyathai

To transfer to Bangkok at Phyathai station, take Phyathai skytrain station (BTS).

Airport Bus Express
Service hours: 5:00-24:00
Contact: Airport Bus Counter, level 1, near entrance 8
Fare: Maximum 150 Baht/passenger/trip

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok

Bus No. : Service zone Route
AE 1 Silom
: New Bangkok
Bangna-Bangpakong rd. – Chalerm Mahanakorn express way – Petchaburi rd. – Ratchadamri rd. – Rama IV rd. – Surawong rd. – road beneath SriRatch express way
AE 2 Banglumpoo
: Old Bangkok
Bangna-Bangpakong rd. – Chalerm Mahanakorn express way – Petchaburi rd. – Lanluang rd. – Ratchadamnern Klang rd. – Ratchadamnern rd. – Na Phra Lan rd. – Na Phra That rd. – Rachinee rd. – Phra Arthit rd. – Chakrapong rd. – Khao San rd.
AE 3 Suhumvit
: New Bangkok
Bangna-Bangpakong rd. – Sukhumvit rd. – Ploenchit rd. – Ratchadamri rd. – Pechaburi rd.
AE 4 Hualumpong
: New Bangkok
Bangna-Bangpakong rd. – Chalerm Mahanakorn express way – SriRat express way  – Phyathai rd. – Rama IV rd.

Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bus No. : Service zone Route
AE 1
Suvarnabhumi Airport
: New Bangkok
Silom rd. – Ratchadamri rd. – Ratchaprarop rd. -  Nikom Makkasan rd. -  Petchaburi rd. – Petchaburi express way
AE 2
Suvarnabhumi Airport
: Old Bangkok
Chakrapong rd. – Ratchadamnern Klang rd.

Note: Buses can be (very) slow during morning and evening rush hours (and a nightmare if there’s heavy rain.)

Public taxis
Service hours: 24 hours
Contact: Public taxi counter level 1
Fare: Depending on the distance + 50 Baht service charge (exclude express way fee)

Airport limousines
Service hours: 24 hours
Contact: Limousine Counter, level 2, Baggage claim Hall and Arrival Hall
Fare: About 1,000 Baht/trip  

For fares and other means of transportation, visit (Airport Authority of Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.)

Note from the Airport Authority of Thailand: Upon arrival at the airport, always contact for transportation by yourself.  If you were being offered for transportation by anyone (though they may look so professional and well dressed,) it is likely they are unregistered services.  Meaning, you’ll be paying (much) more than normal by using their service.
As of Sep. 2013.