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Pratunam Bangkok: The hub of retail and wholesale clothing

Over 30 years ago, Pratunam was one of the trendiest attractions in Bangkok along with Siam Square.  Indra Regent Hotel was a glorious high-rise landmark of the capital and Pratunam.  Since the economic boom in the 80′s, this area slowly lost its importance to newer attractions.  Slowly, Pratunam turned into Bangkok’s clothing hub and became the top choices among the retail and wholesale shoppers.  Further, its street market which is one the oldest in Bangkok has become popular among Thais and tourists.  Shopping in this area requires the art of bargaining since prices are negotiable.  Pratunam has beautifully survived the drastic changes of the 80′s from a trendy lifestyle attraction to a clothing hub.

Pratunam street market pratunam-bangkok
Pratunam street market is one of Bangkok’s oldest of its kind, years before the clothing market was established.  Due to the growth in tourism, the street market currently also focuses on the tourists apart from the Bangkok shoppers.  Most stalls carry clothes, handbags, CDs, DVDs, Thai souvenirs, etc.Hours: 09:00-17:30 (Recommended: 12:00-16:00,) daily except Mondays
Pratunam clothing market pratunam-bangkok
Krungthong Plaza
Pratunam clothing market is huge covering an area of several stores namely, The Platinum, City Complex, Krungtong Plaza, Baiyoke I and Baiyoke Tower.  The whole area accommodates thousands of shops carrying millions of clothes mainly casual wear.  Most shops welcome wholesale orders and it is very common to see overseas businessmen in this area.Hours: 10:30-17.30, some till 19:00-20:00.  (Recommended: 12:00-16:00,) daily pratunam-bangkok-platinum
The Platinum Fashion Mall opened in November 26, 2005 is a  24-story one stop clothing mall covering 40,000 sq. meters, 1,200 stores, 314 condo units, and 1,500 car parking lots.  The retail areas cover the base (underground) to the 5th. floors.
Bit & Pieces
1. Most clothing shops do not have a fitting room for retail purchase.  Some may provide a towel for shoppers to wrap around and try clothes on.
2. Pratu (door) + Nam (water) = Pratunam =  water door (Dam)
City Complex is one of the oldies in Pratunam.  It was formerly a department store before becoming a successful wholesale clothing mall.

Rating 4.5/5

Despite the humid heat, Pratunam market is bordered by many air-conditioned department stores where you can hop in and still  shop comfortably.  Once you feel cool, just hop out and shop along the street again.  Shopping here is fun and non-stop.  Pratunam is a budget clothing market requiring shoppers’ bargaining skills.  Here, you can end up with loads of shopping bags in no time.

Pratunam market is very big and uncategorized.  If you’re here for the trendiest jeans, you have to walk everywhere because jeans are not grouped in one area.  Everything is everywhere so shopping here can be tiring (though fun to some people.)  Many shops carry similar items so shopping can be fun for only the first few hours.  However, this depends on how much a shopper you are.

Pratunam is ideal for
-Shoppers (mainly for unknown labeled casual wear) 5/5
-Budget shoppers 5/5
-Businessman (looking for wholesale deal) 5/5

Getting to Pratunam Bangkok
- Ratchatewi BTS skytrain station (N1): Exit 4 (Hint: Cross the third pedestrian bridge)


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