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Patpong night market: Souvenirs, clothing, handicrafts, etc.

Patpong night market is a classic success story no difference from its sex and nightlife. From a hotspot “just for men,” the night market has made Patpong a hotspot “just for anyone” regardless of age and gender. Further, both the nightlife and the night market have become a success model for other followers.

Patpong night market is sandwiched by the go-go bars in Patpong 1 interconnected with the street market on Silom road. It is best to start your trip from Saladaeng skytrain or Si Lom subway stations and shop along Silom road to Patpong. You’ll see the whole market along the way. Patpong night market is crowded with Thais and tourists especially during the weekends. It is a good place to shop for clothes, handbags, CDs and DVDs (bootlegs and mature ratings,) crazy T-shirts, Thai handicrafts, and souvenirs, etc.

If you’ve already visited the cozy Suanlum night bazaar, you may also like to try the crazy Patpong night market. They’re both within 20 minutes walk. And you’ll find out that Bangkok can offer you 2 similar markets in a totally different nature, cozy and crazy.

Hours: Recommended 19:00-23:00, daily

Rating 4/5

A night market in the middle of go-go bars, Patpong night market provides you an environment like no others. Similar to Pratunam and Suanlum night bazaar, here you can find Thai handicrafts, counterfeit watches and handbags, clothes, etc. Patpong night market may satisfies singles or couples due to the flashy go-go bars, the busy market, and the crowded restaurants.

Compared to the day markets, this market is smaller with less choices of goods. And since it is surrounded by go-go bars (of which many can be seen from outside,) and the red light district, Patpong night market may not be for some shoppers. If this is the case, the peaceful nearby Suanlum night bazaar can be a better option.

Patpong night market is ideal for
-Night time shoppers 5/5
-Budget shoppers 5/5

Vendors start setting up the store front at 5 pm. patpong-night-market
The night market is also known as Patpong night bazaar as shown in the entrance sign here.
Patpong night market sandwiched by go-go bars and restaurants in Silom 1. patpong-night-market

Getting to Patpong night market
- Saladaeng BTS skytrain station (S2): Exits 1, 3
- Si Lom MRT subway station: Exit 2 (Hint: Notice McDonald’s restaurant CP Tower)