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MBK Center: Clothes, cellular phones, Karaoke, dried foods, etc.

If you ask Bangkok people for directions to MBK Center, you may be surprised that most did not understand your question. This is because MBK Center is known in Thai as “Mah Boon Krong.” That’s a hint for you.

MBK Center was established as a huge all in one shopping mall in 1985. It boasted as the biggest marble building in Thailand. It also boasted for having a transparent pedestrian bridge equipped with an automatic walkway, the first in Thailand. It’s opening trembled many stores in Siam Square especially, Siam Center which fought back strongly with more frequent fashion shows, sales promotions, etc. Unfortunately, MBK Center could not make it in Bangkok retail business. After years of trial and error, it started selling free spaces to small vendors and became Thailand’s first air-conditioned flea market. MBK Center came back successfully and known by some Bangkok people as an air-conditioned Chatuchak market. Today, it has become a major shopping destination in Bangkok for Thais and (possibly more for) tourists. MBK Center carries goods and services of all sorts packed in its seven-story building. Among Bangkok people, it is well known for casual clothes, shoes, dried foods, and best for cellular phones (new and used,) accessories, and repairs.

MBK Center is a must-visit for shoppers and even non-shoppers. A place where anyone can stroll around for the whole day. And for shoppers, don’t forget to bargaining for the best deal.

Hours: 10:00-22:00, daily

Rating 5/5

MBK Center is a shopper’s paradise. It is the first, the biggest, and the only flea market housed in an air-conditioned marble building. Its size can hold shoppers for a whole day. Walking here without even shopping is fun already. The shops and people around you can make your (Bangkok) day. If you’re looking for cellular phones and accessories, nowhere in Bangkok can match MBK Center.

It may be tedious for serious shoppers looking for the best bargain in MBK Center. The mall is very big, roughly organized, and some shops are not grouped together (except for cellular phones, gold, furniture, cinemas. ) Peaceful shoppers may not like the busy market atmosphere here. And if you’re here for cellular phones, note that some hand carry models like iPhones may not be applicable in some areas and countries.

MBK Center is ideal for
Budget shoppers 5/5
Fast food restaurant eaters 5/5 (Mainly on 7th. floor)
Moviegoers 4/5 (7th. floor)
Video gamers 4/5 (7th. floor)

Mr. Mah + Mrs. Boonkrong Boolakul
= MahBoonKrong (Thai)
= MBK Center (English)
Items on sale are launched on the ground floor mainly at the end of the month. (After shoppers got their pay checks.) mbk-center
MBK Center boasts of its first transparent pedestrian bridge in Thailand (a flashy thing in the 80′s.)
A view from the 4th. floor, Bangkok’s hub of cellular phones, accessories, and repairs. mbk-center
Dried foods and snacks are among the popular spots for Thais and foreign shoppers. mbk-center
Clothes, clothes, and clothes, the most occupied areas in MBK Center. mbk-center

Getting to MBK Center
National Stadium BTS skytrain station (W1):  Exit 4