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Lumpini park: People watching, Tai-chi, Sepak Takraw, free aerobics, water monitors, etc.

Did you know that although Thailand does not have the largest Buddhist population but it is rated as the world most concentrated Buddhist country?  About 95% of the Thais are Buddhist and Lumpini park was influenced by Buddhism.  Lumpini park was named after Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal.

Lumpini park is more than just a park for the Thais.  It was donated and founded by King Rama 6 in 1925 covering an area of 360 rai (approx. 576,000 sq m.  Super huge for Bangkok.)  Today, Lumpini park is Thailand’s most famous, popular, and classic park.  (Its name is already classic in the first place.)

As Thailand’s first public park, Lumpini park has shared its role in the nation’s history both the good and the bad times.  It was a venue for free speeches, Miss Siam Beauty Contest (when Thailand was formerly named Siam), and even a military camp for the Japanese troops during World War II.  Your can witness the buildings in the park dating back since its early years.

Did you know that Lumpini park is known as the lung of Bangkok? (That’s a Thai saying for a green area.)  Bangkok people treasure this lung so much that not even an inch of it could be cut off.  There was once an idea to divide a tiny portion of this lung but the idea was protested and collapsed very shortly.  As said earlier, Lumpini park is more than just a public park.

Hours: 5:00-21:00, daily

Bits & Pieces

1. Visitors are entitled to rise and standstill in respect of the Thai national anthem aired daily in the park at 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.
2. Kites, football, pets, animal feeding, and smoking are not allowed. (2,000 Baht fine)
3. Lumpini park is crowded during 6:00 to 8:00 hrs.  Most visitors are senior citizens doing exercises like Tai Chi, dancing, yoga, etc.
4. Sunbathing in swimsuits is forbidden.  Also, in any public parks in Thailand.
5. Around February to April of each year, there is a free live “Music in the park” concert on every Sunday evening.

Rating 4/5

If you love photographing, people watching, and exercising (jogging, walking, canoeing etc.,) Lumpini park is the most popular in Bangkok.  And possibly, unlike any public parks in the world; you can join aerobics guided by professional instructors for free. (Whether you’re advanced or a novice, you’re always welcome.)  There are also body building corners around the park provided for you (again) free of charge.  

Since the ratio of public parks in Bangkok is below world standard, Lumpini park may be tiny comparing to cities like New York and Sydney. (The jogging track around the park is merely 7-8 kms.)  Further, it is bordered by congested roads and skyscrapers so do not expect fresh air here.

Lumpini park is ideal for
- Joggers, runners, walkers, etc. 5/5
- Children (for the playground) 5/5
- Basketball players 4/5
- People watchers 4/5
- Photographers 4/5
- Romantic couples 3/5

Free aerobics at 6:00-7:00 and 17:00-20:00 hrs. lumpini-park
Lumpini park is forever lively!  Occasionally, there’s free musical performances, art exhibitions, free physical examination, fairs, and plays. lumpini-park
An amazing peaceful greenery surrounded by Bangkok skyscrapers. Lumpini-park
The Greek clock tower, one of the historical sites since Lumpini park was founded. lumpini-park
Do’s and don’ts in the park Lumpini-park
Park rules on wheeled activities like bicycling, skateboarding, skating.  Except for wheelchair people (of course.)  See map of Lumpini park for details. lumpini-park

Getting to Lumpini park
Hint: Look for the black statue of King Rama VI.
- Saladaeng BTS skytrain station (S2), Exit 4
- Si Lom MRT subwaystation, Exit 3