The Grand Palace Bangkok: The king of Thai palaces

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Grand Palace Bangkok: The most elegant Thai-Euro renaissance style palace

If you visit Thailand without seeing the Grand Palace, your trip is totally incomplete.  The Grand Palace is Thailand’s must-see treasure along with Wat Phra Kaew, sharing the same compound.

The Grand Palace was established by King Rama I (1782-1809) as a government office and a residence for the Monarchs.  It was derived from the palace settings in Ayuthaya Province by facing the north and nearby the river.  The main attraction in the Grand Palace is Dusit Mahaprasat, housing the pearl throne of KIng Rama I.  Another significant attraction is Chakri Mahaprasat, constructed by King Rama V (1853-1910,) a mixture of renaissance building and Thai style roofs.  The Grand Palace served the Monarchs till King Rama V (1853-1910.)

Most Thais have visited the Grand Palace at least once in a lifetime.  Since then, some come again to take photos of its beauty, pay homage to the royal family (upon special occasions,) and  accompany their foreign friends.  Upon your visit to the Grand Palace, don’t forget to visit the neighboring Wat Phra Kaew or your trip will be incomplete.

Hours: 08:30-11:30, 13:00-15:30, daily
Admission including  Wat Phra Kaew: 400 Baht (Free for Thais)

Rating 5/5

While many palaces belonging to the Royal Family are open to the public, the ones which belong to the Monarchs are mainly forbidden.  Therefore, you should never miss The Grand Palace since it’s the only residence of the Monarchs that is allowed for visitors.  Moreover, The Grand Palace is the most beautiful palace in its original condition still existing in Thailand. (Others may be ruined or not as elegant.)  Unlike some palaces in Thailand, you are not allowed to see inside The Grand Palace.  The beauty you see is only from outside.  Meaning, your trip here could last as short as 15 minutes.The Grand Palace is ideal for
-Travelers 5/5
-Photographers 4/5


Chakri Mahaprasat


Dusit Mahaprasat

Getting to the Grand Palace Bangkok
Tourist boat Pier: Maharaj