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Getting around Bangkok

Banner.IfUDontPlanUrBkkTravel.thumb“Time is money” and I wouldn’t like to see you end up behind your travel plans because of Bangkok traffic jam.  That said, there are three means of transportation which are “safe, save $, simple, self-travel.”  They are traffic jam-free, time-controllable, English serviced (on board English announcements and signs,) human miscommunication-free (essential for a non-English speaking city like Bangkok.)  The three are:

Bangkok skytrain

After long years of controversies, whether a skytrain or a subway, Thanayong PLC Bangkok skytraindecided to built the first skytrain in Thailand which was officially opened in December 1999. Since then, Bangkok skytrain has proven to be the most time-controllable and traffic-free means of commutation. New expansion projects are underway and everyone wants it near their home. Land prices soar wherever the skytrain runs to. I really have to thank Thanayong PLC for their courage in pioneering the Bangkok skytrain after so long years of hardship (and impatience) on the roads. With such an experience, I find Bangkok skytrain as the best way to explore Bangkok free from traffic jam.
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Bangkok subway

Similar to Bangkok skytrain, Bangkok subway (MRT) took years and years of controversies dueBangkok subway to Bangkok’s flooding nature. Will the subway be flooded in the rainy season? After nothing more was to be discussed, the project finally started in late 1996 and officially opened in 2004. Since Bangkok’s first subway was opened, there were hopes for more subway projects in cramped or preserved areas unsuitable for the skytrain (e.g. old Bangkok.) To date, Bangkok subway has become a popular means of commutation due to its efficient and punctual service. One of the best ways in getting around Bangkok, free from traffic jam.
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Chao Phraya tourist boat
Did you know that Bangkok, now known as “Asia’s biggest parking lot” (due to traffic jam) was once called “Venice of the East”?  Yes, there used to be canals and people travel by boats.  Sadly, canals were filled and turned into roads and flyovers.  However, you can still get around Bangkok the old fashioned ways by Chao Phraya tourist boat.  The best and punctual commutation to all parts of Bangkok.
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My choice for taking a Taxi and a Tuk Tuk (motor tricycle) is when:

1. The three above services could not take me to my destination.
2. I travel with many people and taking a Taxi or a Tuk Tuk can become cheap.
3. I’m not in the city during the rush hours.  Why?  Traffic jam!

For tourists, Taxis and Tuk Tuks have limitations such as, traffic-jammed, uncontrollable timing, non-English serviced, and human miscommunication.  Motorcycle taxis and public buses are not mentioned in as they’re not so tourist-friendly.  Motorcycles taxis can be scary zigzagging between cars whereas public buses give no clue where you are (not to mention having the limitations mentioned earlier.)
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