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Name any cities on earth where there’s food 24/7, Bangkok will surely be listed.  There’s food in every corner of Bangkok from the side walks to skyscrapers.  Food is plenty, yummy, and most important, generally cheap!  How cheap is it?  Let’s say, it’s very common for most Bangkok people to eat out 2-3 times a week.

What’s more, eating for Bangkok people may involve singing (Karaoke,) watching live music and movies.  Eating (mostly after work) means leisure here.  And not only in restaurants but you may see Bangkok people eating and picnicking in public parks.

Since there are thousands of places relating to food and leisure in Bangkok, I could not list them all here.  Instead, I have selected the ones which are popular, one of a kind, the pioneers, etc.  So, start your food journey from this list and enjoy eating as leisure like Bangkok people!

Rank Attractions Rating
1 Wat Po
Temple of the reclining Buddha, school of  original Thai massage
2* Somboon Seafood restaurant
Savor the original Fried Curry Crab together with Tom Yum Goong dishes you’ll never find anywhere else
3* Bangkok street food
Bangkok street food: Open-air, relax, eating culture
4 Lumpini Muay Thai stadium
Easy to go, classic Muay Thai boxing stadium
5 Lumpini park
The oldest, the most popular, the classiest public park
6 Brown Sugar
World’s best bar by Time Magazine
7 Khao San road
World’s hub of backpackers, street shopping, nightlife

* Thais / specific ethnics’ hidden attractions
Note: The eateries mentioned in this page have been in business for years and years (some for generations) and are well known in Bangkok or insiders.

Note on alcohol
1. Pubs and bars are closed on religious holidays and the election days. (For fear that the hangover voters may vote with less consciousness.)
2. Alcohol are forbidden for sale on the Buddhist Lent and Asalaha Bucha days (around the end of July) and the night before any election day.

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