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The weather in Bangkok is mostly hot and humid throughout the year and quite stable day and night.  So Bangkok is unlike some cities which can be hot during the day, cold at night or freezing after the rain.  The heat is not as painful as the humidity which makes you sweat and sticky especially, when you are outdoor.  Everybody enjoys wearing summer clothes here.

In general, Bangkok has 3 seasons, cool, rainy, and hot.  Some say they are in fact hot, hotter, and hottest.  For me, it’s bearable hot, hot and wet, and hot as hell.  Here they are in details:
1. Hot season: March-May
The worst season of extreme heat and humidity.  Bangkok is hot and humid and the hot season means it’s really hot and very humid.  Drinking water is what you really need.  Luckily, they are available in most convenient and grocery stores.
2. Rainy season: May-October
The uncomfortable but refreshing season.  Rains in Bangkok is unpredictable, so never trust your eyes when examining the sky.  A sunny sky can become a rain storm at anytime and a cloudy day may not rain at all for several days.  It is not often to see rain in Bangkok for the whole day so you can still get around when there’s no rain.  Do carry with you an umbrella or a rain coat, just in case.
3. Cool season: November-February
The best season packed with festivals and celebrations.  I rarely sweat or need a sweater during the cool season.  Sometimes, there is the “real good cool time” (below 25ºC or 77ºF) lasting a for few days or weeks.  For westerners, Bangkok’s cool season is no different than their summer time.

When to visit Bangkok?
My advice is to visit Bangkok in the cool season especially when you have to do outdoor visits for the temples and palaces.  If you can’t make it in the cool season, visit Bangkok in the hot season.  Though hot and humidity, you can still travel without being stopped by the rain.  And if you visit in April, you may participate in the water festival, Songkran.  The Rainy season is refreshing but rain is unpredictable and may slow you down if it does rain.  The Rainy season may be more suitable if you have ample travel time; you can still get around but be prepared.