What you may not know about Bangkok traffic

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You may lose your girlfriend to a superherobangkok-traffic-jam
Traveling by road vehicles in Bangkok is cheap, and plentiful.  There are taxis and Tuk Tuks running around the clock every day .

Despite such comfort, you should pay attention to the traffic in Bangkok.  I hope you know about traffic here.  Say, during the rush hours, 5 km. can take an hour.  And nothing is as boring and frustrating as being jammed in the traffic while your traveling hours are running by.  By the time you arrive at your attraction, the place is closed.  Worst, you may have to ride back, again the jammed in traffic, and lose your day.  Worst of the worst, your girlfriend may be mad at you and dream of a superhero as her next boyfriend.  So here’s a few tips before taking any road vehicles in Bangkok:
1. Consider using skytrain, subway, and boats as your first choice for commutation.  Check the hours especially, if you’re taking the tourist boats.
2. If you have to take the road vehicles, try to refrain during the rush hours between 7 to 9am. and 4 to 7pm.
3. Avoid taking the road vehicles during the rain (especially, a heavy rain) unless you really have no options.

The last two tips are not always right depending on where you are in Bangkok but would you still risk losing your girlfriend to a superhero?