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With thousands of taxis on the road (contributing to Bangkok’s notorious traffic jam), you don’t have to worry about getting a taxi day or night.  They’re so plentiful that when it’s time to use them, you may wonder which one is right for you.  Well, here’s an easy guide I’d like to share with you:

1. Bangkok taxis are mostly Toyota Corolla, appearing in different colors depending on which company they belong to.  You can pick any colors but some Bangkok people belief the personal-owned yellow/green taxis are better.  Also, newer taxis are hired more than older ones. Bangkok taxi
2. Some Bangkok taxis are equipped with the GPS.  Meaning, you’re safe because these taxis can be tracked anywhere.  (Including when the drivers are not paying for their car on time!) Bangkok GPS taxi
3. If you’re afraid of miscommunication, look for a taxi displaying “I love Farang (foreign)” on the window.  These taxi drivers are trained basic English for tourists. Bangkok tourist taxi

Tips on taking a taxi

1. You can flag down a taxi anywhere in Bangkok.  Look for the red light on the windshield, these are unoccupied taxis readily to serve you. Bangkok free taxi
2. Once you’re in the car, make sure the taxi driver has reset the meter before taking off.  Some drivers ignore doing this and you’ll have to pay at the driver’s fare. Bangkok taxi meter
3. Note the license plate at the doors and the color of the car.  This is very helpful when reporting the police in case of “Lost and found.” (Which is reported every hour on the traffic radio!) Bangkok taxi number
4. You can check the taxi fare by the fare sheet in the car.  This will give you an estimate (just an estimate) on how much you should pay. Bangkok taxi fare
5. Some taxi drivers don’t carry exact change and don’t mind being paid a bit more or less.  However, do prepare your own change if you want to avoid this fuss.  Carry your own coins and 20, 50 Baht banknotes.

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