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Bangkok street food: Open-air, relax, eating culture

If you read reviews on food in Bangkok, you may find out that many tourists and expatriates discover the city’s great eats on the streets.  In other words, street food.  However, not many do know where the best street eats are (nor that most of them are open after sunset!)

Eating out is a way of life for Thais and that’s why you see eateries everywhere even on the streets.  And believe it or not, the classy and costly Pad Thai noodle in some countries can be seen as a street food here!  Of all the street food stalls you see in Bangkok, none can match Sukhumvit and Chinatown as the long time most famous eateries for street food lovers.  Among the two, Chinatown street food is the best and the biggest in Bangkok but if your time is really short, Sukhumvit is your choice.  Best of all, go to both places!

Sukhumvit street food

Here’s one very popular street food I’d recommend you, it’s been a heaven among late and night eaters for over 2 decades, Sukhumvit 38 Street food.  What makes this street food stand out from the rest is the variety of great dishes it delivers eg. crab wontons, pork noodles, Pad Thai, gravy noodles, fish maw, chicken rice, rice toppings, shared dishes, sticky rice mango, etc.  Moreover, you get the quality like no others (or even in some restaurants)-selectively rich pork, chicken, beef, soup, etc.  Not only is Sukhumvit 38 street food for Bangkok people, many expatriates enjoy the food here as well.

If eating along the streets do not bother you to experiencing how the locals eat, Sukhumvit 38 street food yet with such easy skytrain access is highly recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5

Hours: 19:00-03:00 (Recommended 20:00-24:00,) daily
Price : Reasonable-Fair
Sukhumvit street food
Sukhumvit street food occupies a several shop houses with open-air food stalls along the street. Sukhumvit street food
The street food here has its own rule.  Once you have ordered food from the place where you eat, you can order food from other vendors. Food stalls, Sukhumvit street food

Bangkok Chinatown street food

Could you imagine that the busy gold trading Yaowaraj road during the day can become a lively street food at night?  Well, it is so, and possibly the biggest and the best street food in Bangkok.

Chinatown never sleeps.  Right after the shops are closed, this community becomes a street food.  Yaowaraj road, the heart of Chinatown, is jam packed with all kinds of food vendors selling fish maw, chestnuts, bird’s nest, etc.  One of the biggest street food attraction I’d recommend you to visit is on Padungdao road, there’s a seafood restaurant named TK.  TK’s street food stalls are always crowded with eaters hungry for dishes like Pla Pao (BBQ fish,) Tom Yum Koong, and Goong Pao (BBQ shrimp.)  Along with street food, Chinatown also has a crowded fruit market, further across from TK restaurant.  A great place to try a variety of tropical Thai fruits.

As a community which never sleeps-lively, noisy, chaotic, Chinatown can be an exceptional for your street food eats.

Note: If you’re accommodation is not in Chinatown, better take a taxi or a Tuk Tuk back after your dinner.  You can easily get lost walking at night.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hours: recommended 18:00-02:00, daily
Price: Fair-pricey
Seafood restaurant, Bangkok street food Chinatown
Chinatown street food is the most popular street eats at night in Bangkok. Bangkok street food Chinatown
If you plan to visit Chinatown, be sure to include the street food as your dinner. Food stalls, Bangkok street food Chinatown

Getting to Sukhumvit street food
Thong Lor BTS skytrain station: Exit 4
Getting to Bangkok Chinatown (for Bangkok Chinatown street food)
- Hua Lumpong MRT subway station: Exit 1
- Tourist boat: Ratchawongse pier