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Bangkok skytrain or Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) (tickets, fares, timetable, etc.)
Service hours: 6:00-24:00
Servicing area: New Bangkok

Getting your skytrain ticket
Here’s your easy guide to buying the Bangkok skytrain ticket.  This guide shows a sample of a single journey ticket which is suitable for most first time passengers. (For other types of the skytrain ticket, please visit  As for the single journey ticket, you should first check the “Information Fare” chart for your destination at the Ticket Issuing Machine.  Then, get your skytrain ticket at these places:
Bangkok skytrain station Bangkok skytrain station
1. Ticket office
Note: Write your destination in English and show to the
officer if you’re not sure of miscommunication.2. Ticket Issuing Machine
See below on how to use the machine.
Bangkok skytrain office
At the tollgate
Check the tiny arrow on the ticket, it’s where the ticket
should be inserted into the tollgate.  If you insert improperly,
the gate won’t open.  Do it right the first time.
Bangkok skytrain ticket
At the platform
Do not step over the danger yellow line or you’ll hear a warning whistle from the security guard.
Bangkok skytrain platform
At your destination
To prevent you from taking the wrong exit, don’t forget
to check the locality map located around the stairs.
Note: You can get a free copy of the skytrain map at the locality map.
Bangkok skytrain locality map

How to use Bangkok skytrain ticket issuing machine

Note: Before buying your skytrain ticket, prepare the usable
coins (5, 10 Baht) shown on the machine.
1. Press the button for your destination.
2. A fare will show up at the screen.
3. Insert the coins for the fare in the slot.
4. Pick up the ticket.
5. DON”T FORGET to pick up your change (if there’s any.)
Bangkok skytrain ticket issuing machine
as of 2011

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