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Bangkok’s notorious traffic jam is described by visitors as “Asia’s biggest parking.”  That should be clear to you how serious the traffic is here.  Spending your time on the roads may sadly end you up behind your travel plans.  Luckily, there are several off-road ways for you to get around Bangkok easily, on time, and hassle-free.  I’d encourage you to use them as shown here in this map:
1. Bangkok skytrain
2. Bangkok subway
3. Chao Phraya tourist boat

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Skytrain station          Subway station          Boat pier

Transportation lines Service zones
___Black___ Skytrain BTS Sukhmvit Line New Bangkok
___Green___ Skytrain BTS Silom Line New Bangkok
___Violet___ Subway MRT Line New Bangkok
___Blue___ Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Line New Bangkok-Chinatown-Old Bangkok
___Orange___ Bangkok Airport Rail Link Line Bangkok airport-New Bangkok

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