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As a city established since 1782 (and still growing,) Bangkok is a combination of ancient and modern times.  Meaning, there are 200+ years old temples versus the 20th century skyscrapers in one single city.  In order for you to easily explore Bangkok with the best timing, has divided the city into 3 tourist zones as follows:

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OLD BANGKOK Locally known as Koh Rattanakosin, old Bangkok accommodates old buildings and the historical sites like Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn,) the Grand Palace, etc. As a preserved and quiet area (comparable to other parts,) there are no skyscrapers nor a skytrain network. A subway project is still in draft and the only means of commutation available for now are the roads, rivers, and your foot. Fortunately, many attractions are packed nearby and within walking distance. During the night, Koh Rattanakosin becomes colorful with pubs, bars, restaurants, street markets along Phra Arthit and Khao San road, the world famous backpacking’ destination.
Getting there easy & quick: Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

CHINATOWN Chinatown the smallest zone in the map sandwiched between old and new Bangkok. This is a very busy community full of old Bangkok’s shop houses and new Bangkok’s modern buildings in a Chinese environment. Despite the lack of the skytrain and subway systems, most attractions (temples and local markets) are within reached by by foot. During the night, Chinatown is a street food hotspot lined up with food stalls and restaurants along Yaowarat road.
Getting there easy & quick: Bangkok subway | Chao Phraya Tourist Boat
NEW BANGKOK This is the most developed part of Thailand, stuffed with the most attractions. It is home to the financial centers, mega shopping centers, skyscrapers, nightlife, street/flea/night markets, bazaars, traffic jam, etc. New Bangkok has the best mass transit system consisting of the skytrain and subway networks. Yet, the worst traffic is also here and because of that would suggest you to travel on roads only when necessary.
Getting there easy & quick: Bangkok skytrain | Bangkok subway | Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

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