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Choosing the wrong accommodation can spoil your travel. If you have no specific plans on where to stay in Bangkok, here’s a general guide for you to consider. It’s easier if you divide Bangkok into 3 parts as follows:

New Bangkok
New Bangkok is the most modern and populated part of Thailand stuffed with skyscrapers, shopping malls, street vendors, and cars! There are skytrain, subway and boat networks to get you to most attractions including Chinatown and old Bangkok. New Bangkok has so many things for you to see, do, and eat day and night.

This is among one of Bangkok’s busiest and noisiest area packed with gold stores, traditional flea markets, and food of which the night street food is among a must for eaters. A subway linked from
new Bangkok is still under construction so you have to take a Taxi, a Tuk Tuk, or walk. Luckily, most attractions are sizable for walking though you should pay careful attention to the directions especially, at night.
Getting to new Bangkok is by the nearest subway station, Hua Lumpong, and to Old Bangkok by boat at Ratchawongse pier.

Old Bangkok
Old Bangkok, on Rattanakosin island, is isolated from new Bangkok and Chinatown. This is the classiest part of Bangkok where you’ll see old buildings, temples, and palaces (e.g. Wat Phra Kaew, The Grand Palace) of which some are over 200 years old. The subway from Chinatown is still under construction so you have to rely Taxis, Tuk Tuks, or your own foot. There’s also a boat service to take you to new Bangkok and Chinatown besides taking a Taxi. Here, you can find numerous budget guesthouses at Khao San road, the world’s hub of backpackers.

Where to stay in Bangkok?
For me, I would choose new Bangkok since there are more to see, do, and eat than anywhere else so most of my time should be here. Getting around is quite easy and the choice for accommodation is countless from guesthouses, hostels, to world class hotels. I would try to get a hotel near the skytrain or subway for travel comfort.
Old Bangkok would be my second choice unless I plan to spend most of my time for temples and palaces or I prefer a quiet city atmosphere. I may consider staying in old Bangkok’s Khao San road if I plan to travel elsewhere in Asia. There are many travel services to cater my travel there.
What about Chinatown? I find getting around this community or to other parts of Bangkok is the least comfortable here. If I’m really for eating (day and night), gold and traditional shopping, I would stay here. Otherwise, I’d rather make a visit.

And your choice for accommodation in Bangkok? Up to your travel purpose, your partner, your budget (yeah, very important)…