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Baiyoke Tower: Thailand’s tallest building

Baiyoke is a name known as the tallest building in Thailand. Baiyoke I, the former champ was overtaken in 1997 by Baiyoke Tower, the latest champ.

Standing at 309 meters, Baiyoke Tower houses one of the world’s tallest hotel, (Baiyoke Sky Hotel) and a huge clothing market. Floor 84 is the observation deck for a 360 degrees panoramic view of Bangkok. Floor 77 is the location of a top view restaurant while floor 83 is devoted to “Roof Top,” boast as the highest live music entertainment in Thailand. (Where else could there be?) Baiyoke Tower draws people for both its height and the mega wholesale and retail clothing market on the bottom floors. As for the observation deck, the top view restaurant and Roof Top, Bangkok people would be there on special occasions like family reunions, birthdays, and business receptions.

If you want to see Bangkok from the highest peak, go to Baiyoke Tower. Best visit during the sunset while the city starts to light up, you’ll get the most beautiful view of the capital.

Admission fee: Observation deck, 120 Baht
Daily hours (floors 77 and 84): 10:30-2200, Rooftop live music : 18:00-01:00

Rating 3.5/5

If you’d like to reach the “Everest of Bangkok” and enjoy a spectacular 360 degrees panoramic view of the city, Baiyoke Tower is the best place. Frankly speaking, unless you love photographing; there’s nothing much to do here after 20 minutes walk around the tower. This is the reason why I suggest you to best visit Baiyoke Tower during the sunset. You’ll spend more time when seeing Bangkok from day to night.

Similar to most shops in Pratunam clothing market, Baiyoke’s clothing market on the bottom floors carry mainly casual wear. If you love shopping for clothes, this place can hold you for hours. You’re surrounded by cheap stuff (and even cheaper if you bargain well.) If you’re here for wholesale business, you have choices of countless shops to settle a deal.

In conclusion, the attractions in Baiyoke Tower lies on both the top and bottom of the building. The top is for photographers and people wanting to see Bangkok from the peak. The bottom, on the other hand, may be interesting to shoppers and wholesale businessmen.

Baiyoke Tower is ideal for
Travelers wanting to see Bangkok panorama 5/5
Photographers 5/5
Budget shoppers 5/5
Wholesale businessman 5/5

Baiyoke Tower is almost twice taller than neighboring Baiyoke 1, the former tallest building in Thailand. Baiyoke
The huge clothing market around Baiyoke’s ground floor. Baiyoke
Roof Top, the highest entertainment in Thailand on floor 83. Baiyoke

Getting to Baiyoke Tower
- Chidlom BTS skytrain station, Exit 1
- Rachatew BTS skytrain station(N1), Exit 4