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Hello and welcome to BangkokEasyGuide, your place to:

  • See the real Bangkok besides the popular tourist attractions
  • Experience Bangkok like the Bangkok people
  • Explore Bangkok the easy, safe, time-controllable, and do-it-yourself ways

What is BangkokEasyGuide?
Based on my nationwide and overseas self-guided travels, I have discovered the true charm of travel – “Experience the place like the locals.”  Nobody knows better than the locals in what’s best for shopping, food, nightlife, etc.  So, if you want to get the best from your travel, duplicate their lifestyle.  And BangkokEasyGuide is here as your choice to “Experience Bangkok like Bangkok people.”  I go further by making it simple as 1-2-3.  As Bangkok-born, I’d like to share you the goodies of Bangkok.

What is “Experience Bangkok like Bangkok people”?
Here, you’ll find more of Bangkok besides those temples, palaces, markets, etc.  Find out where Bangkok people go for food, shopping, leisure, religious activities, etc.  Even their spots in the tourist spots.  Also, where the authentic Thai dishes are not the dishes set up for tourists.  (In other words, would you go to Pizza Hut in Naples?)

What is “Safe, save $, simple, self-travel”?
Some attractions in BangkokEasyGuide are popular among Bangkok people.  They must fall in these 4 criterions:
Safe: Places
Save $: Money (well, unless noted; some classy places are worth mentioning.)
Simple: To go to and to find
Self-travel: By trains/boats and your own foot

Upon my hands-on experience, a controllable Bangkok trip can be self-planned regardless of the the uncontrollable Bangkok traffic jam.  That is, Bangkok can be made simple as 1-2-3.      

I hope my resources will be a choice for you to the “Real Bangkok” experience.  With such an experience, you’re more than a tourist.  Your travel is not just “come and go” but “see & know”.

Thank you for visiting.

BangkokEasyGuide Guy

If you have any comments, please write in the form provided below.  Thank you for your time.

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